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PHOTO PARTY FAVORS! Unique, inexpensive personalized custom favors for any and every occasion! - Photo Party Favors - PLUS a whole lot more!
Candy Bar Wrappers Personalized With Your Photo and Message
With Made to Order Gourmet Chocolate Bars

Stars Photo Chocolate Candy Bars      For the ultimate chocolate candy bar favors for your next party, look no further. Our artists have designed beautiful candy bar wrappers that wrap around creamy gourmet chocolate bars made fresh for each order by chocolatier Susie'Sweets™. We personalize your candy bar wrappers with your photo and message. And we don't use ordinary Hershey bars or even fancy chocolate bars that might be stored on the shelf for ages. These chocolate bars are made fresh for every customer, according to the specifications of their order. And you get a choice of milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate. Or if you're in the mood for something unique, you can choose white, milk or dark chocolate flavored with a hint of raspberry, or a hint of pecan praline, or a hint of orange cream or a hint of mint. Treat your guests to these fresh, premium, solid chocolate bars with personalized photo candy bar wrappers!

More Photo Chocolate Candy Bar Favors > >
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Gifts Photo Chocolate Candy Bars
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Gifts Photo Chocolate Candy Bars 2
    Elegant Photo Chocolate Candy Bars
    ↑ FRONT            BACK ↓
Elegant Photo Chocolate Candy Bars 2
Gifts Photo Chocolate Candy Bars ©
Email us 1 of your favorite photos with your message and personalization.
Also available in blue (pink shown).

Elegant Photo Chocolate Candy Bars ©
Email us 1 of your favorite photos with your message and personalization.
Great for wedding, anniversary, communion, baptism, birthday.

Gold Rings Photo Chocolate Candy Bars
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Gold Rings Photo Chocolate Candy Bars 2
    Dinosaurs Photo Chocolate Candy Bars
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Dinosaurs Photo Chocolate Candy Bars 2
Gold Rings Photo Chocolate Candy Bars
Email us 2 of your favorite photos with your message and personalization.     ©
Great for anniversary or wedding.
Dinosaurs Photo Chocolate Candy Bars
Email us 1 of your favorite photos with your message and personalization.     ©
Great for boy's birthday (any age with number).

Teddy Photo Chocolate Candy Bars
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Teddy Photo Chocolate Candy Bars 2
    Filmstrip Photo Chocolate Candy Bars
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Filmstrip Photo Chocolate Candy Bars 2
Teddy Photo Chocolate Candy Bars
Email us 1 of your favorite photos with your message and personalization.     ©
Great for child's birthday - also available in blue (pink shown).
Filmstrip Photo Chocolate Candy Bars
Email us 3 of your favorite photos with your message and personalization.     ©
Great for any occasion, birthday, graduation, bar mitzvah, sweet 16, anniversary

More Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers with Gourmet Chocolate Bars > >
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Or - - Christmas Photo Chocolate Bars
    Some things to note:

  • Gourmet chocolate bars are subject to availabilty from the chocolatier. Please check with us before ordering.

  • Actual size of the gourmet chocolate bar is 3 5/8 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide (0.3125 inches deep - almost 1/3 inch). The chocolate bar is 1.25 ounces of premium chocolate.

  • The chocolate bars are first wrapped in gold foil and then finished with the personalized candy bar wrappers.

  • All chocolates are certified kosher.

  • Chocolates are made fresh for each order by Susie'Sweets.

  • Flavors Available:
    Solid Milk Chocolate Candy Bars
    Dark Chocolate Candy Bars
    White Chocolate Candy Bars
    A Hint of Raspberry (in milk, dark, or white) - OR
    A Hint of Mint (in all milk, dark, or white) - OR
    A Hint of Pecan Praline (in milk, dark, or white) - OR
    A Hint of Orange Cream (in milk, dark, or white)

  • Chocolate bars are solid chocolate and not filled. Flavored chocolates have a subtle hint of flavor throughout the solid chocolate and do not contain any fillings.

  • We always email you a proof of your photo personalized candy bar wrappers order within a couple of days of receipt, so that you may check it for accuracy, and we only send your order to production after we have received your approval.

  • Almost any of our designs can be adapted for any occasion.

  • On designs that are meant to contain more than one photo, there is no extra charge for the additional photo. There is no set up fee. Your order is personalized free.

  • Candy bar wrappers are not currently available without the chocolate bars because they are designed specifically for the size of these custom made gourmet chocolate bars. They will not fit Hershey bars or any other candy bars.

  • Minimum order for photo chocolate bar favors is 10.

  • Next day Express Air with cold packs is available.

  • Filmstrip Photo Mint TinsWe also have large unfilled personalized photo mint tins available in all of the same designs shown on our chocolate bars, plus much more (over 100 designs!) - you can fill them yourself with any treat or treasure of your choice (including chocolates!)

  • All photos must be emailed to us at We no longer accept photos that are sent to us by regular mail.

Minimum Order 10 (same photo/design/message)

10-49 50-99 100 or more
$2.45 ea. $2.20 ea. $1.95 ea.
Shipping on Personalized Chocolate Bars

10-49 chocolate bars, add $12.95
50-99 chocolate bars, add $14.95
100 - 199, add $23.95
200-400, add $27.95

Please note: Shipping for Chocolate Candy Bar Favors is different than our regular party favors, because they weigh more.

EMAIL your high resolution jpg photo (or photos, if the design requires more than one) for photo candy bar wrappers with gourmet chocolate bars to Please include your name, shipping address, phone number (in case we have any questions), what you're ordering, the name of the design, how many, the last possible date you need it by, the personalization desired, your selection for chocolates, and confirmation that you have mailed (or will be mailing within the next 24-48 hours) your check made payable to Linda Kling.

IMPORTANT: If you are emailing a photo taken by a digital camera, please do NOT do anything to edit, change, crop or resize the photo. It should be sent just as it was when it came out of the camera. Digital photos must be at least 1200 x 1800 pixels (or the equivalent of 16.6 x 25 inches at 72 dpi), taken by a 3 megapixel or higher camera. Photos taken by camera phone are not high enough quality for reproduction.

If you are scanning photos to email to us, please wipe the dust off your scanner and photo first. Make sure your photos are scanned at a minimum of 4 x 6 inches at 300 dpi and saved at the highest quality, lowest compression jpg. If someone scans a photo for you, please ask them to scan it at full size and at least 300 dpi. . If you don't know how to make sure your scanner is set to scan at 300 dpi, then click on the help file in your scanner software for instructions. Do not scan the entire scanning bed, but just the photo. Don't send us your photo as an image within a document (such as Word, WordPerfect, PowerPoint etc.), or as a pdf file, but only as a jpg image file.

Please send your photo or photos as an email attachment, and not in the body of the email itself (many email programs will resize photos to be smaller to fit inside the email). Your email program will have a button that says "attach" or "attachments" or a paper clip (in Outlook Express) or something similar. Click on that, navigate to where you have your photo stored, and click OK. If you're using Kodak Easy Share, make sure you select "original" when selecting the picture file size. If you're using Picassa, choose resize to "original size". If you have any questions, just let us know and we'll walk you through it.
Please send us photos that are clear, bright, and sharp, close-up with some background around face or faces (but not so close that part of the head or face is cut off). When 2 or more people are in the photo, make sure they're heads are close together. DO NOT send us blurry, grainy or dark photos. When ordering photo cards, we recommend that you send or email at least one extra photo, in case there are any that will not work within your chosen design. No copyrighted photos, without written permission, please!

DO NOT send us a link to your online photo gallery (such as Shutterfly, Kodak Gallery, etc). Athough these photos may look good on your monitor, their resolution is too low to print.

Please read the detailed information on choosing the right photos on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Any questions or comments about these photo candy bar wrappers with gourmet chocolate bars or our other photo party favors? Send us an e-mail at You can also check our FAQ page for answers to common questions.

Linda Kling and Steve Gendel
Photo Party Favors
19 Hutter Street
Saddle Brook, New Jersey 07663

Phone: 201-398-1408 (noon - 8 p.m. EST)

All Designs Copyright - Photo Party Favors 1997-2011
You may not modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale of, reproduce, create derivative works from, distribute, display, or incorporate our designs into another web site.