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PHOTO PARTY FAVORS! Unique, inexpensive personalized custom favors for any and every occasion! - Photo Party Favors - PLUS a whole lot more!
50+ Ideas For Class Reunion Awards
with Free Printable Class Reunion Awards Certificate

free printable class reunion awards certificate plus over 50 ideas for class reunion awards Class reunion awards are always a fun part of the festivities. We've assembled a big list of ideas for possible awards you could give out at your class reunion - with some tips. Plus, we've included a bonus free certificate you can print for all your class reunion awards.


  1. First to register
  2. Last to register
  3. Hardest person to find
  4. Attended all of the previous reunions


  5. Farthest traveled to the reunion
  6. Lives the closest to the school (least distance traveled)
  7. Lived in the most places
  8. Lived in the most exotic (or unusual place)
  9. Most traveled


  10. Newest Newlywed
  11. Married the Longest
  12. Classmates who married another classmate
  13. Newest mother-in-law/father-in-law
  14. Woman with the youngest husband
  15. Most Eligible Bachelor
  16. Most Eligible Bachelorette


  17. Most recent baby
  18. Most kids
  19. Oldest child
  20. Special award for parents of twins or triplets
  21. First to have all their children married
  22. Most recent grandparent


  23. Most or highest degrees
  24. Never left school (became a teacher!)


  25. Most dangerous job
  26. Most exciting (or interesting/unusual job)
  27. Most jobs since high school
  28. Least surprising career choice


  29. Most gray hair
  30. Least hair
  31. Still the same hair style from high school
  32. Mr. Workout (Man voted to be in best shape)
  33. Ms. Fitness (Woman voted to be an expert exercizer)
  34. Most youthful looking
  35. Lost most weight
  36. Biggest beer belly
  37. Celebrity Look-Alike (Classmate that resembles someone famous)


  38. Most changed
  39. Least changed (Timeless!)
  40. Still Class Clown after all these years
  41. Still Big Flirt after all these years


  42. Most tatoos
  43. Most body piercing
  44. Most Twitter followers
  45. Best FaceBook page
  46. Most pets
  47. First to retire
  48. Biggest lottery winner
  49. Most famous (if attendee is noteworthy)
  50. Beat the Odds (honor classmates that overcame real obstacles)
  51. Served Our Country - honor classmates who were or are in the military
  52. Hero (or Humanitarian) Award (include all those involved in community service personally and professionally),


How do you figure out who should win?

  • Use your registration forms. Pack them with all kinds of questions. Once you collect all the information, it will be easy to figure out who wins the award for categories such as First to Register, Traveled the Farthest, Most Children, Married the Longest, First to Retire, Served our Country, etc.

  • Make judgement calls. The reunion committee can take a vote to determine who they think is the Most Changed, Most Youthful Looking, Still Class Clown, etc.

  • Ask candidates to nominate themselves. If you are presenting awards for things like "Least Hair" and "Biggest Beer Belly", some people might be sensitive about their baldness or weight. So, announce the category and let any classmates that want to enter go to the front and the audience can vote with their cheers and applause. This kind of audience participation can be a lot of fun (and you don't run the risk of embarassing anyone!)

Should you give a prize?

  • If it's not in your budget, you can just present your classmates with one of our printed class reunion awards certificates. But many high school reunions give a certificate with additonal prizes.

  • Practical Prizes - These are more like a gift and usually cost more. You could give every winner a bottle of wine. Or you could choose a gift certificate to a restaurant (a nation-wide chain is best), Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. If your reunion has some nice table decorations, you can give away the centerpieces. Another idea would be to present the award winners with a music CD compilation of hits from your graduating year.

  • Funny Prizes - Make a trip to the dollar store and let your imagination run wild. Here's some examples of gag gifts:
    • least hair - giant comb
    • most kids - aspirin and earplugs
    • lives closest to school - world map or travel book
    • most grandchildren - brag photo album or coloring books
    • first to retire - golf balls

Instructions: Print this 8 x 10 inch pdf, trim edges, fill in the blanks. For best results, print on coated inkjet cardstock (such as Epson Premium Presentation Paper). Present to classmates as is, rolled up (diploma style) or framed.

These tips and class reunion award certificate can be shared on Pinterest or Facebook - or used on your website, blog, ezine, etc. AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES AND INCLUDE A LIVE, CLICKABLE CREDIT AND LINK to


Ideas for class reunion favors - personalized bookmarks, notebooks, mint tins, key chains, magnets, buttons and pocket mirrors make great keepsakes for your classmates. You can even include a photo of your old school!Class Reunion Favors - If you're planning a class reunion, you may be looking for ideas for class reunion favors for your classmates that will be the hit of the party. Our high school reunion favors are conversation starters at your reunion and keepsakes afterwards! We have personalized bookmarks, notebooks, mint tins, key chains, magnets, buttons and pocket mirrors. We can customize them with your school colors and even include a photo of your old high school. Many of our class reunion favors contain fun facts from the year you graduated for a fun trip down memory lane!

Reunion Save The Date Cards are also available!

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